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On cruise control

11 Jun 2024 . category: personal .
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There seems to be a little time drift this time around from the chronosphere, but I’ll take this over 3 month skips. I’ve been feeling like myself lately before all the doom-and-gloom of my eye condition. It feels like I’ve recovered from the rut that I was in thanks to my therapist and the anti-anxiety+anti-depressant combo medication. The feeling that I’m back in control of my thoughts and my actions really makes me empowered to do more: I’ve accomplished several personal projects here and there, been exercising semi-consistently, and got to act on getting my humble abode repaired. I haven’t been thinking much of my ailment, but I have been making preparations for the things to come. It’s all I can really do since I don’t have control on how my condition progresses. But yeah, things have been nice and steady – like having things on cruise control except.