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05 May 2024 . category: personal .
#blog #eyeball #vitrectomy #2024 #cataract

Oh cool, time is flowing properly this time. It’s been a month and I had my surgery done – vitrectomy. This is where the doctor sucks out all the juices from your eyes and replaces it other juices. This helped move my eye’s lens to go back to its normal position. Apparently, it was smooshed all the way to the front of my eyeball that the doctor had to “peel” it away during the surgery. Fun. The surgery was originally a combination of the vitrectomy and cataract removal; however, they decided to do a staged approach. Therefore, my vision is still milky aka blurry on my left eye. So now, they’re assessing when to do the cataract surgery which will probably when the inflamation subsides.

The past 2 weeks have been mellow. I got to enjoy things that didn’t involve a lot of screen time (since I needed to rest). I was able to go through a good chunk of “bobiverse” audio book series. Also, cleanup and organize 2.5 years of accumulated mess in the house. Finally, I was able to think things through on how I want to proceed with my life. I really don’t know when things will completely go dark, so all I can really do is take it easy and enjoy each moment. I hope this mindset of mine sticks though. Who knoes what’ll happen once I go back to work… urgh.