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Blame it on Spring

03 Apr 2024 . category: personal .
#blog #spring #blame #2024

For some reason, the chronosphere has been consistent when it time skips. 2 months. I somehow time skipped and it’s now Spring. Oh man, you can tell that it’s spring because of the intense wind speeds that go over 40 mph. Wooden fences are flying and everything. Work has been arduous as always, but I feel hopeful somehow. Maybe it’s the “happy pills” talking or the therapist sessions being effective. Who knows. Bottom line, I’m glad I’m not stuck in a rut anymore. I feel like I am in control. Oh, speaking of control, I’ve been building and buying video game controllers: a bunch of fightsticks/arcade sticks, Playstation 1 twin sticks, one-handed Hori controllers, etc. It’s been fun building things again including remote control (RC) cars like 1/10 drift cars and a Tamiya buggy. If I keep myself busy, the self-deprecating thoughts seem to fade away. And if the thoughts do come, I’m now aware of them. I make sure to acknowledge them with what I know to be true – like me trying my best despite my current eye conditions. It’s getting worse… I have an eye surgery coming up and hopefully that improves things a little. Since I’ll be awake for this surgery (like last time), I’m not really excited about it. In fact, I dread it. We’ll “see” how it goes.

Chronosphere, do you work!

…bzzzzzzzt… crackle… pop…