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30 Oct 2023 . category: personal .
#blog #Hitsujibungaku #autopilot #haiku

The darkness is close.

It's the point of no return.

Breakthrough or perish.

I went on autopilot. I surrendered control of my life yet again. The new work assignment, sudden shift in focus, and the struggle to keep up mentally with my current health situation left me in a predicament. It’s like trying to juggle 3 things with only one hand. I had to drop things and, unfortunately, it’s everything else but work. Now that I’ve snapped out of it, my soul is screaming to get out. I know I have to change and not just adapt. It feels like I’ve been compensating my whole life; I want break free from that. I want to choose my own path, but I’m too risk averse. I was told this is all part of adulthood – working to live, paying bills, enjoying the sliver of free time you get. This has to be a joke.