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A break and a skip

02 May 2023 . category: personal .
#projects #blog #mid_sized_break #skipped_yet_again

And just like that, 3 months have passed. ** Kicks chronosphere **

A bunch of work things happened, and it was definitely a struggle to reach that finish line. That finish line I call vacation. Yeah, that’s right – vacation. I actually had to use it to keep my sanity. I used to save those paid time off days for the holidays, but I really don’t think I’d last that long. It’s like trying to save all the money for retirement only to die the day before you do retire – I’d rather not that happen. So I ended up just using all of it.

With that time, I got back to making some janky projects again. I learned a bunch of things: how to design things using Fusion 360 to make crapptastic 3D prints, learn the hardships of owning a 3D printer, and finding all the niches I’ve been missing out on (ie. homestead, FPV drone, 3D printer conversions, etc.)!

Project jank.

I’m back to work now which makes me a tad bit depressed. I need to put my personal projects on the sidelines again, but the break did help reinvigorate my drive to make things again. I’ll need to keep at my projects somehow…

** chronosphere crackles, pops, and fizzles **