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Here we go again

30 Jan 2023 . category: personal .
#anxiety #blog #renewed #herewegoagain

Looks like the chronosphere is in sync, but I feel like I’m in a time-loop. The things that was I supposed to over with is back yet again. The anxiety, hardship, and despair are back because of several things. One, my medical treatment plan has reverted back to what it was in the very beginning. I’m back to taking prednisone and infusions. This is recommended by one of the leading uveitis opthamologists. I’m not that stoked about it due to the cost of these medications/treatments, but I need my vision to last as long as it can. This brings to the second thing, the dread of losing my eyesight. When they were doing the field of vision tests, I can clearly tell that it has degraded significantly. I can’t even see people’s fingers anymore, just part of them. I don’t really know how to cope about this. Maybe it really is time to see that therapist. Finally, the hardships at work is back. I’ve been assigned a new project where I’m back to being a noob. I hate that. I feel like my 3 years of work has been nothing and I’m starting back at square one. All this plus the need to finish up my recent project.

All I can say is life will never be easy. The only constant thing is change. There will always be problems; you just need to learn how to solve them as they come according to some wise person. I sure hope so…

** chronosphere crackles, pops, and fizzles **