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Curry, Christmas, and stolen packages

30 Dec 2022 . category: personal .
#curry #blog #stolen_package #christmas

- chronosphere malfunctioning – check!

- Favorite Japanese curry restaurant in town closing down permanently – check!

- Buy Christmas gifts – check!

- Get them stolen by porch pirates – check!

Ahh, the holidays. The time where everyone is jolly. Some people take time off work and some even get “winter breaks” (like me :D). Even thieves are happy because they get to grab precious gifts that’s supposed to be for other people. But, there are some people that are not happy. Like the people that thieves steal from and people who lost their favorite Japanese curry restaurant forever due to staff burnout. When I say people, I meant me. This holiday break has definitely been a roller coaster ride of emotions. There are so many things to be happy and be grateful about, but at the same time, is full of misery. Let’s start with the Japanese curry restaurant.

Magokoro is Japanese restaurant that serves curry during the lunch hours. We religiously grab some on Saturdays for a nice “Anime x Curry” session. Come thursday before Christmas, we get an email that they will be closing down permanently. I was like, “Woah!” A little bit later, they posted on their instagram page that they’re closing down because “they no longer have anything to give.” Sad times. These guys have been in operation for 16 years! They’ve been really busy during lunch time everytime we went, and business looked like it was booming. None of this matters if everyone is exhausted and unhappy. It’s really depressing to see them go, but I hope they do get to rest and find something that they’ll enjoy doing.

Up next: Christmas time – the most wonderful time of the year (according to one of the songs). It’s great to be able to spend time with family. We usually drive back to Las Vegas to visit family, and it takes us almost 9 hours to get there. It’s a pretty involved trip. We need to juggle gas intake, liquid intake, bladder control, doggy bladder control, and snackage levels. I also get car sick so nap times are necessary. In the end, we get to our destination and enjoy some quality time with the fam plus their kids. I didn’t get to give them gifts, which is meh. I’ll just follow up with what they want in the following year, 2023. I can thank the porch pirates for this. You bozos!

Anyways, the new year is about to start. I hope the chronosphere will be more predictable this time.