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Skipped yet again

31 Oct 2022 . category: personal .
#personal #blog #skip #again

That last tweak definitely threw the chronosphere out of whack. The pulse sync tri-actuator was overcharged and broke one of its valves. It’s still functional, but it’s back to monthly skips. Getting things back to regular time is going to take a lot of work; it’s not gonna be a simple fix. I don’t even remember what happened the last three months. It just feels like a whole lot of nothing. I do remember playing some new games like Splatoon 3 after work hours. Then I guess there’s some side-projects that I’ve been working on but got nowhere near completion. Oh and I also got to commemorate another year of survival by adding another “number” to my personal life counter.

I really need to get out of this loop. There are so many things I want to accomplish, but all these broken things that I need to piece together is holding me back. Looks like I really need some help to get the chronosphere back spick-and-span. Time is ticking, slipping, and there’s not enough of it left. I’ve got to come out on top somehow.