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It's gonna rain

31 Jul 2022 . category: personal .
#personal #blog #rain #sad

The chronosphere seems to have stabilized. Time seems to flow more predicatably, but it’s still not completely in-sync. Summer is here and yet there’s more rain than ever. It’s slowly kllling my house as small cracks become more noticeable and door frames start to warp. Yikes! Murphy’s law is in full effect! Early this month, I didn’t have my normal mode of transportation. So I had to take the bus to work. Good thing it’s only one bus stop away… WRONG! They changed the bus route. It no longer is a 5 minute walk; it’s now 5 blocks away. DAFUQBBQSAUCE. Who knew the bus route that’s been there for years had to be moved to new when I needed it the most. Now, I would have just worked from home, but I can’t. Deadlines were coming up, and I had to be onsite. So I sucked it up everyday to wake up early, make 3 bus rides to work, and 2 bus rides + a long ass walk back home. Not the most exciting time. Then I got COVID-19. The week before my deadline; I got sick – good stuff. The Coronavirus is no joke. I was pretty much out for 3 days, and that’s with the vaccine. I woke up feverish, body aches, and a sore throat. “KEKEKEKE,” says Murphy because I had plans to go to anime expo in LA with my significant other to present on our panel – my July 4 weekend. I bought the plane ticket, resrved the hotel, made my cosplay, and BOOM – COVID.


Suffice to say I didn’t get to deliver anything for my deadline. Despite the effort, it was all a bust. Try again next time I guess.

Le Sigh~