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28 Nov 2021 . category: personal .
#personal #blog #progressing #timetravelling #thanksgiving

Woooosh! Time slipped again, and it’s now the end of November! Someone needs to stop pressing that fast forward button yo. Anyways, a birthday has passed and the Thanksgiving weekend is about to end. I guess it’s good to recap what just happened. So to begin with, I’m still struggling with my work and health, but I’m moving forward. For work, I’ve gone into “step-by-step” mode where I’d break every task down into manageable subtasks. It’s less overwhelming this way. As for my eyes, they’re still shitty (surprise, surprise). However, I’ve started to do something about it. I reached out to my local state’s Commission of the Blind, where I’ll be getting vocational and independent living training. This is where I get to learn how to use screenreaders and such to make my life manageable as my vision gets worse (and it will).

On other news, I bought a lot of games. Like A LOT! I don’t think I’ve ever spent this much on games before. That “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” by Gamestop always gets me for some reason. I also ordered some games on Amazon and Walmart(cuz sales). Bought a controller. Bought gaming headpones. Bought gaming merch. Bought a server rack to store my new game stuffz. I seriously think I went overboard on this; it’s like a whole month’s rent worth of gaming goods. The spree hasn’t ended yet… there’s still a bunch of things I want. I want to hold off, but I think the flood gates are already broken. Buy all the things!

I hope December will be a bit different. shivers