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Almost Back to Normal

17 May 2021 . category: personal .
#almost #almostback #backtonormal #maybe #clay #hobbies

It’s been 2 weeks after I got my second COVID shot. They said it’s “safe” to go back to normal activities (according to the CDC anyways). Somehow I feel weird because spending most of my time indoors has been my norm even before the pandemic. Now I’ll be that weird person who never goes out! Whatever! Though, I did go out this past weekend to try out something new: pottery.

There’s a small mom and pop studio in town called “Not Made in China” that’s all about making things with clay. Going in, I was expecting to use the “wheel” where you spin the clay into shape with the help of a high-speed rotary device. We ended up doing the beginner class that involved shaping the clay only without the fancy machinery. The gist of the steps are the following:

  • Create a ball of clay by tossing it to your palm repeatedly. 

  • Once it’s smooth, slam it down! Albeit in a controlled fashion–again, repeatedy. 

  • When you have a flat, oval shaped clay. Lay your handy-dandy sticks on both edges and start rolling–again, repeatedly. 

  • Replace the handy-dandy sticks with smaller handy-dandy sticks then start rolling–again, repeatedly… you get my point. 

  • Slice the clay into a rectangle with a sharp stick and smoothen with a damp sponge. 

  • Select a pipe (I chose a small one) and roll it against your flat clay. Make a mark a little bit after where they meet. 

  • Create cross-hatching looking pattern on both sides then apply “slip” on both of them (imagine making a velcro). 

  • Stick them together by pressing them firmly against each other. 

  • Create the bottom with the left over clay. 

  • Cut the shape and again cross-hatch, apply “slip”, and stick them together! 

  • Do the same method if you want a handle. 

We ended our day with raw creations: a big mug and 2 cute little pitcher-looking things. This still needs to be “fired” up and glazed to reach their final form (we don’t get to these things, I think). The whole process was relaxing; just zoning out and making ‘em! So much so that I signed up for a month long membership. My mission is to make a fat pot/mug with a chicken design. There is a LOT to learn before I reach my goal, but I’m excited to go through the process (for once). Here we go~