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Stressed but Chill

09 May 2021 . category: personal .
#stressed #chill #oddtaxi #anime

I took a little breather and enjoyed my 4 day weekend last week. It was nice to relax for a bit. I really thought I’d be more productive with my side-projects during these days, but most of it was spent lying around. I did get to build one of my plamos that looks badass when paired with a nendoroid petit of Saber (from Fate/Stay Night). A picture is probably in order… meh… too lazy for that at the moment. You can just imagine it; the awsomeness! I’ve also been binging some anime like Odd Taxi referenced on the video above. I didn’t think I’d like a show with andromorphic animals. The story is compelling and not to mention that silky smooth opening mix… mmmm…

Anyways, the workload is picking up again. ‘Em deadlines are back to breathe down my neck. It’s daunting, but this is me trying to set time for personal things. Keep it up future me!