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Mid-year Review

26 Apr 2021 . category: personal .
#mid #review #midyear #personaldevelopment

You might be thinking it’s only April bruh. Well, in the corporate world, it’s “mid-year” and it really feels weird to get back to writing again after an uneventful few months. So what have happened the past few months? Well, there’s work, work, work, work, and wee bit of creative side-project life (ex. this little collaboration with gacxy7 for a lofi video). I’m learning a lot from work projects, but I feel like I’m losing control of my time. Just like this realization that I haven’t really taken any time to pause, reflect, and write about my experiences. Anyways, let this be a waypoint to getting back into personal development. You got this present and future-self. Over and out.