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A New Year, A New View

09 Jan 2021 . category: personal .
#newyear #view #see #notsee

Made it! 2021! The past few months leading up to the holidays was definitely a struggle. I had to juggle multiple responsibilities to set a good stopping point before my eye surgery. I think I did a decent job at best. My surgery was on Dec. 15, 2020. It was a success, but the recovery is still on going. My vision has changed drastically according to my other eye doctors (opthamologists to be more specific), and I can definitely tell. I have a hard time reading from far away plus some obvious blind spots. Letters on white background looks like a washed out piece of paper or just looks blank. The only way I can read is sticking my face to whatever I’m reading. This is upsetting and depressing. On the bright side, some of the vision issues can be mitigated with a new eyeglass prescription and a prism. So I’m just waiting on this new “upgrade.”

In other news, I’ve done some crude animation work for the lo-fi music collaboration with my brother. The thing just needs a few more tweaks before we release it out to the world. I also started jumping back into content creation. I just realized there’s really no point in waiting for my eyes to get better. This might be my new norm. If this is the new page/chapter in my book called life, then I’ll just have to get moving. Crawl up to the top! If I do fail and drop back down, at least I won’t have any regrets.