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Having the best disease ever!

20 Feb 2020 . category: personal .
#best #bestdisease #wholepackage #eyes

Eyes are important. It makes you see things like these obvious statements. So my eye doctors have been very diligent in regards to my condition. One of them hooked me up with free genetics testing. All I had to do was spit (a lot) in a test tube; convenient! The results came back, and (lo and behold) I have this thing called the “Best” disease. Of course, it’s named after the person who discovered the disease, but it’s funny that it ended being called that way. I can now say, “I have the best disease guys!”

The disease is autosomal dominant which means if one of your parents has it, then you probably have it if you lose the coin toss of life. I lost.

I don’t know if God just has a weird sense of humor because he decided to pair this Best disease with my glaucoma. Now a little eye disease facts. Glaucoma affects the peripheral vision. Best disease, on the other hand, affects the central vision. If you combine them together, you get complete vision loss. Whoopee! Welp, I already knew things were going downhill. At least now I know what’s the root cause of it. It’s slightly depressing to be honest, but there’s really nothing I can do about it. Just gotta make the most of “eye” time I have left. Here we go!