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The Day After Christmas

26 Dec 2019 . category: personal .
#reflection #postchristmas #check-in #aftermath

Ahh, the winter break. It’s a fabulous time where our family gets together to feast on homemade food and give/receive materialistic gifts. Material things are nice. I don’t mind getting them :]

This is definitely a nice break after working for a good month. It took a good chunk of effort to get into that “work mode” after being in academia (plus my “Maker” months) for so long. Waking up early was easy since I already made that into a habit before I even started work. The one thing that really gets me is the commute. An hour and ten minute drive back from work is not cool. It’s quite inefficient. The work itself is interesting though. It really pushes me to learn more things. At the same time, it’s also daunting since I’m working with a team and no longer individually. This means mistakes propagate if I don’t make sure my part works flawlessly.

Overall, the work is fulfilling because the end goal is not about the profits. This fuels me to aim for the best that I can do. It also doesn’t hurt that the compensation is good :P

But yeah, in the meantime, I’ll enjoy this little break!