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Lonely Rolling No Mo

07 Nov 2019 . category: personal .
#reflection #lonely_rolling #katamari #rolling #thoughts #forever #soundtrack

Listening to the song from Katamari Forever (linked above) made me nostalgic. The original song from the original Katamari game is titled “Lonely Rolling Star.” After a few iterations of the game, it really feels like it progressed enough and garnered enough fans. The remake of the song describes that evolution with the more positive vibe and title to boot.

Going through almost the whole year with my new health condition and my new drive to share the things I create, I feel like it’s time to reflect on what has gone and what is to come. Just like the song, I feel positive at the moment. Even though only a few people do see and like the stuff I make, I’m still appreciative. Doing these things everyday is great practice for me, may it be drawing, programming, or just creating in general. So everything else is extra, but I still I want to motivate other people with my works. I want to embed the message “Make something too!” with everything I create and share.

I wish creating these drawings and contraptions would be sustainable but it isn’t; not for me anyways. So I have to adult and find real work. Thankfully it’s something I believe is important work, a mission. So I look forward to this new opportunity. Hopefully, I’ll still have time to create things on the side without being completely mentally drained.