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Nendoroid Madness

24 May 2021 . category: figures .
#figures #nendoroid #trends #kancolle

Summer kotatsu time?

My little not so little box of happiness came in last week! I got a Yuki Nagato from the anime, Haruhi Suzumiya, and a bunch of Kancolle nendoroids. Look at ‘em cuties sitting with the kotatsu. Perfect way to spend summer time! You can blame this purchase to all the Tiktoks, Instagram vids, and Youtube haul unboxings I watched. I jumped into the bandwagon and paid the price. It was ~$200 with shipping already included. I rationalized the purchase with (1) they are cute, and (2) they are cheap. It’s definitely a blow to my wallet, but was it worth it? Maybe not… but I enjoyed the unboxing moment, posing them, and making a little diorama as seen on the pic! But yeah, definitely not worth that much monies.