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Cosplay Repair

03 Jul 2019 . category: art .
#cosplay #repair #a-kon

One of the damaged areas.

;My previous move from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Albuquerque, New Mexico did not do my Elias Cosplay Headgear any favors. It got damaged in several areas during transit. The worst one is pictured above. The horns were both torn/ripped/borked, paint crack on the skull nose bridge, and a hole on the right horn’s base.

Patching up the damaged areas.

So I whipped out an old batch of scrap paper and started patching the damaged areas with paper mache. Instead of using the flour and water combo, I ended up using glue and water instead. This made it quicker to prep and had a more consistent feel. 2 layers of paper mache and 1 hour of drying session later, I was ready to repaint the patches.

Repair complete!

Another hour of drying later, the Elias Cosplay Headgear was back in action! My recycled cosplay outfit was ready for the weekend full of anime geekery and whatnot at A-Kon in Dallas, Texas. :D